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Have something to say or want to share your thoughts on the latest game? Blaster lets you share audio files with your friends! Whether it’s a podcast, response or reaction to the latest trending topic, share, save, and download blasts from friends! Record a blast for later, sharing your thoughts has never been easier with the Blaster app!

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Do you want to join the newest social network and have your voice heard? Then click the link below to download the Blaster App!

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Create your own profile and post your blasts to share with your followers! Simply record your voice and talk about what’s on your mind, or upload a pre-recorded audio file from your phone’s storage to the app. You can add a picture to give some reference and give it some hashtags to let everyone know the topic of interest or to easily search for it. Connect your other social media to your profile so people can connect with you outside of Blaster as well!

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